2017 – A year in review in the garden and on the allotment


As 2017 comes to an end it’s an appropriate time to review some of the progress that’s taken place at home and at the allotment.

2017 was a year of transition for us. The largest thing has been the addition of a daughter to our family. With this comes the juggling of priorities and trying to fit her into our lives. The second thing was returning back to the UK and getting reacquainted with the garden. The other new addition to life has been my new allotment.

It’s been a busy year looking back!

Mum’s Garden

Before I got my hands on the allotment plot and the keys back to our cottage I entertained myself by doing a re-design of a shady corner of mum’s garden.

From dark and shady with uneven crazy paving, 3 level changes, and a large useless garden store, to a calm, bright and, most importantly, green courtyard. The lush evergreen planting has performed well all year and is still looking good.


The allotment started out as a patch of grass 10m by 10m. After lots of hard work, it’s now beds and borders and has given a great first-year harvest.

No Dig Bed

I tried something new at the allotment. Never one to shy away from warts and all approach to blogging here’s the biggest let down of the year.

My no dig bed experiment didn’t quite go to plan. I don’t think I had enough organic matter on top of the ground to smother the perennial weeds. Ah well, you live and learn.

Front Borders

The planters at the front of the cottage were weedy when we moved back in. The sad looking clematis has been replaced by another metal planter and a climbing rose. The planters have been rejigged with some more grasses and they’re still looking good at the end of December.

In the Garden

When we got back to our cottage the top garden was mostly covered with weeds. I cleared them out and it’s still looking a little bare. The plan for 2018is to start reintroducing some interesting planting here.

Garden Visits

We’ve had a great year exploring some open gardens

Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

Eden Project

Sussex Prairie Garden

Gardens by the bay, Singapore


Thank you to everyone who read and comment on my blog, Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Happy New Year!