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Real Seeds


Time to get real with seeds

The greenhouse isn’t even built yet but I’m already getting carried away with what I could use it for. Without having had anywhere to get a successful crop I haven’t grown chillies, tomatoes or peppers for a number of years now. However, with 2014 bringing good changes in the garden I am going to make the most of it. (I was going to throw in a pun about being given a “green(house) light” but we’re both better than that).

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Looking wider for seed suppliers

I have been living vicariously through the internet and books – imagining what I could grow if only I had the space (not an activity that achieves much other than envy but harmless fantasising nonetheless). So I had a pretty good idea of where to go to get my seeds. I’ve always loved the ethos of The Real Seed Catalogue; heritage varieties, home seed-saving, local provenance, and developing your own lineages that over short years can become adapted to local growing conditions or even selected for qualities important to the grower.

Real Seeds
The seed packets from Real Seeds.

It makes so much sense that natural variation means plants crop at slightly different times so your harvest is staggered rather than too much of a glut. I also don’t need perfectly blemish-free and uniform crops in order to enjoy them. Any variety that needs controlled commercial conditions from growers on the continent are not going to be as happy in my ramshackle and unheated greenhouse with my sporadic attentions. So why make life hard? Additionally, where along the line did we forget about taste? It’s time for a change.

So my modest collection of Real Seeds arrived 2 days after ordering in a nice neat envelope in beautiful packaging and so much written information to help me get success. I’d love to have ordered oodles more varieties in order to do trials of my own – but I need to be realistic. I don’t have the time or space to undertake such an endeavour so I’ll trust in the work of Ben and Kate and the team at Real Seeds who have done the hard work for me.

Time for a revolution?

I’ve also been intrigued by James Wong and his homegrown revolution. Why not try the lesser-known edibles that are enjoyed around the world? And if they’re as easy to grow as he claims we’d all be stupid not to try. His seed collection is available through Suttons Seeds.

But I’ve hit a snag – space. So I’ve hatched a cunning plan. I have two friends who I have pulled in 2 Secret Santa rings who are also into gardening. They both have more space than me so I’ve decided to give them some James Wong seeds. This is not entirely altruistic as they are both generous friends and it’s only a matter of time before I’m invited to try the crops. (It’s tough being an evil green-fingered and greedy mastermind)

Some more unusual plants to try
Some more unusual plants to try

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