Project 1: Destruction phase

Update on the destruction phase of works

We’ve made a start on the redesign and build of the courtyard garden.

Project 1: Mum’s Courtyard Garden Redesign

So far this week we’ve been to two builder and timber merchants to look at the options for the raised beds and two nurseries for inspiration on the planting.

Jobs Completed: paint the wall

There’s not much we can do will the stark breezeblock wall at the moment other than paint it to hide the dull grey colour. Now it’s white and this will bounce light around the space. The long-term plan is that the evergreen climbers will make a home of the wire supports and will cover most of this boundary.

Project 1: Destruction phase
The walls have been painted and the borders cleared

Jobs Complete: Destroy the cupboard

This unnecessary element of the original garden had to change. There is a huge shed in the garden so storage is not a priority. It will probably be made into a raised bed but it’s unclear if we’re leaving the low run of bricks to do this or whether I need to remove more.

Other options are a seat (rejected as that area gets almost no sun) and a pond. We’ll see. Already the space appears wider.

Project 1: Destruction phase
The cupboard has been knocked down.

Jobs in progress: Plant Purchases

We have made a start on selecting some new planting for the raised beds for when they’re complete. We have a mixture of shade-loving and partial-shade-loving herbaceous perennials and shrubs. In the meantime, they’re being displayed in another part of the garden and they’re looking good.

Project 1: Destruction phase
The plants ready to go in the new beds are on display

Next steps:

We need to finalise the design of the raised beds before we can move forward. A change to the plan comes in the form of a tree seat for the corner and we’ll need that assembled to know how much space is left for the beds.

Here’s the bench:

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