MyPottingBenchBlog returns home

MyPottingBenchBlog returns home

After two years of tenanted care, the garden is okay but needs some TLC


It was a sweaty palms, dry mouth, situation when I opened the back gate of our cottage garden. Our tenants had been lovely to the house; they’d loved it like their own and for that, I am incredibly grateful.

We’d been warned that they weren’t ‘gardeners’. A ‘them and us’ label that creates instant bonds with some but can leave a stony silence at parties. The parting comment from the letting agent was, I think, meant to be a reassurance; “They’ve basically kept it tidy, you know, cut things back”. My chest felt cold, I think I remember some buzzing noise, and then I was sat in the car grasping the cold keys with white knuckles.

The MyPottingBenchBlog Cottage Country Garden

Let me first re-introduce you to my space. My garden.

MyPottingBenchBlog returns home
Basic plan of the garden

I mentally divide the garden into four main areas. It’s longer than it is wide, the house along the eastern boundary, and mainly laid to large stone slabs. Most of the hard landscaping was here when we moved in over 4 years ago. The furthest garden is called either the Top Garden or the Far Garden but neither name is definitive. The other areas I have called the Utility Area, Immediate Garden and Front of the Cottage simply for simplicity sake as they don’t have formal names. There’s no plaques denoting historical significance to the divisions.

The Front of the Cottage

Let’s start at the beginning.

MyPottingBenchBlog returns home
Right of the front door
MyPottingBenchBlog returns home
Looking up the lane

We have two water troughs under the two front windows. The door is offset owing to the fact that this used to be two cottages. The planting in these has always been a little wild and drought-tolerant as they get a lot of sun and wind from passing cars. There’s a dead wisteria and a measly-looking clematis.

The Utility Area

Up the drive and through the gates brings you to the Utility Area which is home to my self-constructed Greenhouse/Cold Frame/Glasshouse (See details of its construction here). There’s a shed and raised beds under glass.

MyPottingBenchBlog returns home
The potting bench in its home – a greenhouse / cold frame hybrid.

The Immediate Garden

So-called as it’s immediately out the back door and the only part of the garden visible from inside the house.

MyPottingBenchBlog returns home
Looking up towards the Far Garden


The garden is long and narrow. The Crabapple tree was planted by us and looks to have gotten its roots done which I am thrilled about.

MyPottingBenchBlog returns home
A better view of the main bed

The idea is that this shady space will be home to white / pastel flowers and woodland plants.

The Far Garden

Right at the end of the garden is our sunny bit of the garden. The colours are supposed to be bright and tropical.

MyPottingBenchBlog returns home
View from the top – Left, End and Right borders

The garden is a U-shape of borders, the Left and Right borders are the deepest, surrounded by stone walls.


MyPottingBenchBlog returns home
The End Border

The End Border is narrow and dry with an evergreen hedge rising high above it.

MyPottingBenchBlog returns home
The Left Border

Currently taken over by a Buddlia¬†that’s missed its last 2 yearly haircuts.

MyPottingBenchBlog returns home
The Right Border

Dominated by a white climbing rose that’s testing my patience.

Work to be done

There’s the usual weeding, cutting back, tidying and pruning to be done. More importantly, I need to scour the borders to remind myself what’s there and what has survived the passive neglect of the past two years.

I’ll take each area in turn and detail the tidy up before sharing some plans for rejuvenating this special space. Don’t worry, there will be spreadsheets, lists and planting plans.

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