MyPottingBench: Signing Off.

Hyacinths forcing over winter
Hyacinths forcing over winter

Times are a-changing for MPB.

As my Hyacinths are being forced over winter it’s time to consider the changes coming next year. My wife and I are moving to Australia in the new year for some adventures Down Under. For the first time in our lives we are at a point where all our professional training is over and we are working independently. As of August this year I have been self-employed and looking forward to the next stage of our lives. What this means is that we are leaving behind our lovely cottage in Devon for at least a few years.

It’s odd gardening in a garden you know you won’t be in come spring. I have hyacinths, daffodils and tulips going in but anything later in the season has been cancelled. I’ve given my seeds to my mum for next year and put the potting bench to bed.

Looking back on the blog

I’m really glad I started the blog last year. Looking back on the projects, posts and changes in the garden is quite nostalgic and I wouldn’t have this record of the year without the blog. I’ve also been in contact with lots of readers and bloggers and it’s been thoroughly enjoyable. I’ve also enjoyed following your progress over the year and I’ll continue to do that.

Over recent months the blog has been second place to ‘real life’. This year I’ve completed my training, set myself up in business and married my beautiful partner of 10 years. One regret I have is not posting as often as intended at the outset.

I’m starting a blog charting the process we go through to get ourselves to Australia and into work. I’m not sure what form gardening will take in Oz but there’s always the option of a MyPottingBench: Down Under!

Hyacinths forcing over winter
Hyacinths forcing over winter

Monday is the first anniversary of my MPB blog and it seems a good time to be coming to an end.


UPDATE: MyPottingBench: Down Under did indeed spring in to life, followed by some overseas adventures before returning to Devon in the Spring of 2017.

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