MyPottingBench: Down Under – Wildflowers

Being in a foreign country affords opportunities for finding plants you would never see growing wild in the UK.

I spend a lot of time walking the dogs – however the restrictions on where you can take your dog does limit opportunities for hunting wildflowers.

I’m often grabbing my phone to take some photos of wild plants that I see on my walks, either with the dogs or not:

Devon Bluebells

Hayman Island

On my usual walk I head north up the coast and pass through parkland and along the beach. There’s a few common Australian natives to be seen and it’s been fun finding out about some of these.


Wattle is the national plant but it seems to be more hated than loved! Most people bemoan the pollen that sheds in winter and early spring as it causes a lot of allergies. It’s evergreen and this variety forms large bushes along the park at the edge of the sand dunes.

MyPottingBench: Down Under - Wildflowers
Wattle – the national plant of Australia




Mother of Millions

Okay.. Mother of Millions isn’t a native but with my fluffy Mollie dog in the picture I just had to include it. Originally from South Africa it is now naturalised along the coast and considered a pest / invasive species due to its prolific seed production – hence the name.

MyPottingBench: Down Under - Wildflowers
‘Mother of Millions’ Bryophyllum delagoense



Tea Trees

The tea-tree family is native to Australia. It was used to make tea when Australia was settled but is more widely known for it’s oil which is used as an anti-septic around the world.

MyPottingBench: Down Under - Wildflowers
Tea-Tree – Leptospermum



This collection of plants was jostling next to a car park. It reminded me of some planting at Chelsea Flower Show. I think you can see a purple ipomoea, fennel, and a form of verbena.

MyPottingBench: Down Under - Wildflowers
Coastal wildflowers



These little things caught my eye on our walk this morning. I thought someone had been sprinkling confetti in the grass at first. I have no idea what they’re called but it’s nice to see little surprises now and again.

MyPottingBench: Down Under - Wildflowers

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