MyPottingBench: Down Under – Chillies


There have been some gardening successes over the past 18 months.

One thing I have really enjoyed is being able to get some proper crops off the peppers and chillies. This time I’ve much much more success at growing chillies and peppers. I think the last few years I was gardening in Devon we had some wet summers with low light levels. My greenhouse  only came into it’s own during that year so I haven’t ever felt that I was succeeding in the chilli/pepper stakes. Of course in Oz they prefer to call peppers ‘capsicum’ (which makes you feel like a right wally in the supermarket).

Sources seeds in Australia

I was able to source some Australian seed from The Diggers Club and bought 2 collections. One was a ‘mild-mannered’ collection of chillies and a selection of 7 different peppers.


MyPottingBench: Down Under - Chillies
MyPottingBench: Down Under - Chillies
Peppers aka capsicum


The next generation

I was even able to save some seed for coming years and to share with an elderly aunt who lives near us. The plants have come through winter okay and look like they’re going to give us another year of cropping.

MyPottingBench: Down Under - Chillies
Seeds being segregated ready for the drying process

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