Greenhouse Construction 2

Part 2 of the Greenhouse Construction Project

So I started the weekend with the basic frame in place. We’d taken advantage of some lighter evenings to get things started. After starting construction I realised I’d made some mistakes with the measurements. My vertical windows wouldn’t have fitted and would have left me with a doorway that measured only 20cm so I went back to pen and paper and did some head scratching before re jigging things. After a quick trip to the local DIY store work restarted and after much more heaving and pulling I got the roof into position.

Overreaching somewhat

Greenhouse Construction
The roof didn’t look quite right. Church-like was a rather unkind description from my family.


This is where things went really wrong!

The roof ended up being over 3m tall which is great for head height (I’m over 6 feet tall so it’s a bug bear of mine to be constantly stooping in greenhouses and poly tunnels) but it’s not so good for a couple of reasons;

1. Reaching the roof to attach the glass windows

2. Cleaning and maintaining said windows, or

3. The neighbours seeing out of their own window.

The reaction from the other half and my mother wasn’t overly positive (I nicknamed it The Chapel ). Initially I was going to go with it and see what the finished product looked like but having spent 10 mins swaying precariously at the top of my ladder trying to pull the first window into place I gave up. The roof is now off and I need to source some more wood before work can commence.

Taking a step back is sometimes a good thing

The flowering cherry had to be pruned to give space for construction but doesn’t look too butchered and gave us a nice table arrangement for Mothering Sunday. However, the 10 windows are now cleaned and painted so ready to be attached. So even though it currently looks like a cheap kissing booth all is not lost.

Greenhouse Construction Project
The Kissing Booth Style Greenhouse will be all the rage next year I’m sure


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