Garden update April 22nd 2017: Runner Beans, Seedlings and Beetroot

Garden update April 22nd 2017

Runner Beans, Seedlings and Beetroot.

Runner Beans

It’s been a fun week looking after the Runner Beans. The days have been really warm and dry here so the beans are sprinting away. However, the nights have been exceptionally chilly and so it’s become a routine to wrap the tender tendrils before bed. Apparently next week we’re in for even colder conditions so there’s no end in sight for the wrapping up. There’s some outside in an old cold frame converted to a contained bed and some more within the greenhouse. I wonder how much difference there will be between the first crops on each.

Garden update April 22nd 2017
Runner Beans inside and out of the greenhouse


The tomato and one of the cucumber seeds sown last week are already up so they’ve come out of the propagator (this way they won’t get too leggy and it frees up space in the propagator for some mint cuttings.

Garden update April 22nd 2017
Tomato Marmande seedlings
Garden update April 22nd 2017
Cucumber Tasty Green seedlings


For some reason, I’ve never really grown beetroot. Which is stupid because I love it on the plate. A roasted beetroot, goats cheese, rocket and walnut salad with balsamic dressing is in my top 10 most amazing meals ever. It might be that I’ve never had a huge veg plot and the greenhouse was my main growing space so tender tomatoes, chillies, and peppers have taken priority.

Having seen others making great posts and shares on their blogs and twitter feeds on this wonderful vegetable I’ve been inspired into action.

Why you should grow your own beetroot

Since the packet of beetroot seeds I found in my old Seed Tin (stashed there by my mum whilst she held the responsibility for looking after it whilst I was out of the country) had germinated well for my microgreens I’m pretty sure they’ll be fine for a good crop. I’ve sown a line of Beetroot in front of the inside greenhouse Runner Beans that are storming away, and between the rows of the outside beans. I’m hoping this will stagger the growth and prevent a glut. There’s enough left in the packet for some later sowing for autumn.

Garden update April 22nd 2017
Beetroot labels all prepped.

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