Garden Update 5th August 2017

Garden Update 5th August 2017

Garden Update 5th August 2017

Another wet week here in Devon and more working days has meant I haven’t done as much as I would like in the garden and allotment. The end of the week was great as I was able to show my lovely gardening aunt my allotment for the first time. She was very excited and I think, if it was up to her, she’d have me presenting Gardeners World immediately. We’ve done the customary plant swap; I have a new Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ and she went away with Nepeta, Peppermint and Astrantia.

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Allotment Update

The main addition to the allotment has been a bed of autumn and winter greens. As you can see in the seed sowing spreadsheet, I have 3 varieties of lettuce, 3 chards and 2 pak chois.

I’ve treated myself to a new hoe – the last one disintegrating before my eyes into a bendy metal mess – and I’ve used it to take the tops off the dandelions growing through the de-turfed but uncultivated parts of the allotment. It’s money well spent.

My no-dig experiment continues. You can see the two squashes doing pretty well and of course, there’s no weeding to be done where the landscape fabric is in place. I have had to go around the bed with my new hoe as the dandelions are getting carried away.

Garden Update 5th August 2017
My no-dig experiment with squashes growing well

I’m pleased with the fruit set on the smaller pumpkin. It’s growing into a compact plant (similar to a courgette) and I think it’s the Baby Blue Hubbard.

Garden Update 5th August 2017
pumpkin growing well

Greenhouse Update

I’m trying really hard to get the tomatoes in my greenhouse to ripen. They’ve been hampered by a dip in light levels as it’s been a wet week here in Devon. I put in a banana skin last week but I don’t think it’s achieved much other than attracting some flies.

As well as the direct sowing of chard, lettuce and pak┬áchoi at the allotment, I’ve also done some in modules in the greenhouse. This is partly to guard against the inevitable mollusc attacks but also to provide some kind of succession.

In addition to the Penstemon I took last week I now have Phygelius and Lavender cuttings. I’ve also tried my hand at my first root cutting of Eryngium.

Garden Update

I’m really pleased to see the containers at the front of the cottage filling out and doing exactly what I wanted them to do. I’ve taken seeds from the Stipa┬átenuissima as I want to introduce it to other parts of the garden and I have a few family members also needing some.

The Libertia grandiflora seeds are finally ready so they’ve been sown in a half seed tray. I’m going to collect some Stachys byzantina┬áseeds today to try. The other job for the weekend is to clear the bindweed from the far garden’s left border.

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    1. Thank you Jason, They’re not looking too bad this year but I am impatient as ever for them to ripen. I want my insalata caprese!

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