Garden Update 29th July 2017

Garden Update 29th July 2017

A wet end to the week put paid to much change this week. I’ve had some good harvests from the allotment and the everything is looking lush in the garden.

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Allotment Update

I’ve reached a milestone with the allotment this week as the final delivery on bark has been applied. As you might remember, I didn’t order enough the first time round so only the peripheries were covered.
The idea that the landscape fabric may have been able to stay in the main, central areas was false. It was too thin and too easily broken down by the elements to last any longer so had to be covered.
The plot is looking much tidier now and I can really focus on the planting borders. I’m hoping that is the end of the hard landscaping for a while.

I’m getting the sense of a building momentum in the harvesting from the allotment. It’s not been a hugely productive space so far. A dry summer and a late start has hampered things this year. Things are improving though; this week I have had another cucumber, a large box of mangetout and yellow courgettes.

An easy bonus crop is this Anemone de Cain. I am hoping to have more cut flowers to add to the edible harvest. These bulbs came from an impulse purchase from a well-known DIY store when buying paint for the house. They were cheap, having been reduced, and very cheerful.

Greenhouse Update

Most of the work in the greenhouse this week has been taking and managing cuttings. The newest addition has been a tray of Penstemon ‘Blackbird’ cuttings. I have had this variety for more than 6 years but it seems to have disappeared from this garden. I have taken cuttings from a plant that I gave to my aunt. I’m looking forward to reintroducing it soon.

My Teucrium cuttings seem to have taken which is very exciting. The basil, nepeta, peppermint, and oregano cuttings all look to be doing well in their own pots.

I have some large tomatoes developing but they’re not showing any sign of colour. I’ve thrown a ripe banana in with them to get them to ripen.

Garden Update

Not much has changed in the garden. After my tidy-up last week I’ve put some squash plants to cover the bare earth for the time being.

I need to make a decision about what to do with the overgrown Lleylandii hedge at the far end of the garden. My options are a light prune to square it off (not ideal as that will leave a huge area of encroachment in a small space) or get tough with it and cut it back to the boundary (leaving an unsightly mess).

I’ve had the idea of installing a pleached Beech hedge to hide the bare stems of the conifer. It should like the drier conditions of that far border.

I’m thinking of something like this found on Pinterest;

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