Garden Update 24th June 2017: Sun, Sun and more Sun

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Garden Update 24th June 2017: Sun, Sun and more Sun

Last week’s update was replaced by a post on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. It was nice to join in the larger meme for the week and I felt the topic is similar to these updates so didn’t want to bore you with repeating myself.

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Allotment Update

The lack of rain and extremely hot sunny days has taken its toll on some of the sweetcorn plants. The beans and peas have coped really well and the roots are still just sitting there as small seedlings. I’m hoping they’re biding their time before taking off when the rain comes.

I harvested some blackcurrants – although they’re not very sweet so I may have been too quick to pull them off the plant.

I’ve turned some unfinished bed space into a ‘No-dig’ experiment (I’ll do a post on the construction another time). I thought I’d use the space to see how a couple of squash plants do under the landscape fabric. Since watering is an issue I’ve installed submerged bottles next to the squashes (and the fruit bushes) to reduce evaporation and deliver water straight to the root zone.

Greenhouse Update

My basil plants have provided a great meal to the resident slug population (well they needed something to wash down the kale, romanesco and PSB devoured last week). My mum kindly donated a replacement to be kept up high on a shelf. I was inspired by the Still Growing Podcast during the recent Basilmania episode where she recommended taking cuttings of basil. I am hopeless at getting basil to germinate so I’m hoping this technique will be more successful.

My replacement Kale, Romanesco and Purple Sprouting Brocolli germinated in record quick time of just 2 days!

After my initial disappointment in the size of the germinated New Zealand Spinach seeds, I have completed changed my mind. It turns out that they’re cluster seeds (a little like beetroot but not knobbly) so each seed produces a small handful of seedlings. They’re now potted on into modules to get a little more established before braving the allotment.


Garden Update 24th June 2017: Sun, Sun and more Sun
New Zealand Spinach Seedlings

Garden Update

The rejuvenation of the far garden continues. I’ve purchased a Eucalyptus gunnii to bring a feel of Australia to Devon. The bindweed keeps making little bids to re-establish so I’m being vigilant in pulling it out.

I’ve planted out some Stocks for some colour later in summer and there’s a perennial Gerbera to brighten things up.

House Update

Time for a new section to these weekly updates. This weekI became the proud owner of a new houseplant to add to the growing collection happening in our back room, grandly titled the Garden Room, which looks out over the garden.

Having never grown an African Violet before I asked the internet and had some great advice from instagram on how to look after this one.

My poor Peace Lily also became famous this week after being featured on Jane Perrone’s excellent houseplant podcast : On The Ledge.  It’s become very yellowed after being split a couple of months ago and doesn’t look grateful and happy at all. Hearing the options I decided it’s like transplant shock so I’m hoping time and TLC will do the job.

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