Garden Update 22nd July 2017: Courgettes, cuttings and a Leaf-cutter Bee

Garden Update 22nd July 2017

The rain at the end of this week is very welcomed at the allotment. I’m hoping the second batch of carrots and beetroot that I sowed this week will get a better start than the last lot. The garden had a leaf-cutter bee visit which was very exciting.

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Allotment Update

I’m pleased to have some harvests coming from the allotment, as modest as they are to date, and I’m hoping for more over the next few weeks. The black landscape fabric has started to disintegrate so I’ve bitten the bullet and ordered some more bark to finish the job.

I’ve been strolling up to the plot with my daughter and dog in the evening. The small bags of mange tout and courgettes add a little to our evening meals.

Greenhouse Update

This part of the year there’s room on the potting bench for some more sowing. The early part of the year a rush for the first batches of edibles but I find I hit a lull from now onwards. Traditionally I use the time and space to get some perennials started, be it by seed or cuttings, as well as some successional sowings of salad.

This week I’ve tried to start off some more Stipa tenuissima, a double poppy found on a wall, and some Nicotiana elata. I’ve taken cuttings of the Hydrangia paniculata and a pink rose at my mums. There’s also a half-seed-tray of mixed lettuce.

Garden Update

The worst thing about leaving the garden in the hands of someone else for 2 years is the accumulation of new perennial weeds. The main issue to come back after the last clear out has been the bind weed.

This border has been left due to the construction of a new shed along the boundary. This has been a good thing as I hadn’t fully appreciated the extent of the problem. I’m still planning the rejuvenation of this border but there’s no point putting anything in if there are weed roots lurking under the soil. I’ve dug up the plants in the worst of the bindweed area, rinsed their roots, and repotted in isolation to make sure they’re clean. All the bindweed roots have been dug up and I think I’ll put some squash and cucumber plants in so if there’s bindweed left behind at least it’s only an annual planting and can be dug up over winter.

Garden Update 22nd July 2017: Courgettes, cuttings and a Leaf-cutter Bee
The right border in the far garden

There’s been a lot of insect activity in the warm weather. I captured this leaf-cutter bee taking bites out of my Gertrude Jekyll rose.

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