Garden Update 1st July 2017: Mulch, Rain and Harvest

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Garden Update 1st July 2017

Mulch, Rain and Harvest

Making the most of a wet week but mulching the paths at the allotment and starting some seeds and cuttings in the greenhouse.

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Allotment Update

The lightweight landscape fabric isn’t really doing its job, unfortunately. It’s too flimsy to be a long-term surface; there are rips and tears already showing. I don’t think it’s blocking light to the ground as much as it should because the weeds underneath are green and growing strongly (strong enough to lift the fabric 40cm).

So I’ve brought forward the timetable for mulching the paths with bark. I’m hoping the weight of the bark will keep the fabric in place and the extra depth might block some of the light. As usual, I didn’t order enough to cover the space (despite what the online calculator told me) so I’ll need to put my hand in my pocket again sometime to finish the job.

On a positive note I’ve had my first strawberry harvest!

Greenhouse Update

My water cuttings of Basil, Mint and Sweet Potato have been stewing for nearly a week now and there is some progress to be seen with the mint and potato. The basil doesn’t seem to want to play this game and is curling its stalks up and out of the water.

Garden Update 1st July 2017 Mulch, rain and harvest
Peppermint cuttings in water

I’ve been grabbing things from the garden to propagate whenever I’ve had a chance. I have some Cirsium revulare¬†and Camassia¬†leichtlinii seeds ripen so they’ve been thrown into pots and covered with grit to see what comes up.

Garden Update

The Far Garden is looking a little odd at the moment as the neighbour’s shed has been taken down. This provided the back wall for the right border and had a trellis covered with ivy and a climbing rose that was testing my patience. All have now gone and we have direct access to the neighbour’s garden. The extra light and space make the remaining border look like a deer in the headlights. I’m not sure when the replacement will be in place but after that, I can start replanting. The job, for the time being, is to keep on top of the bindweed regrowth.

I’ve had a surprise bloom of a passionflower at the end of the Immediate Garden border. I’d completely forgotten it was living there and it looks like there’s going to be a good show from the blooms.

There’s plenty of light, white planting coming through with the astrantias in full flow, a lone Lilium regale album and the hydrangea starting to join in.



3 thoughts on “Garden Update 1st July 2017: Mulch, Rain and Harvest

    1. Thank you Plantsandbeyond!
      That’s a cheap ‘landscape fabric’ bought from my local cheap DIY store. It’s very thin and papery and seems to disintegrate within weeks. I had to cover it quickly with bark as I found it wasn’t blocking the light from the weeds below. They were growing underneath and lifting it up like a tent. Any longer and it would have blown away over the allotment and I would have to start again (with angry neighbours). I read Charles Dowding’s book on no-dig gardening and he uses it as a base layer for something to mulch over the top. If it’s going to be the only cover for the paths would use something plastic-based.

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