Garden Update 10th February 2018

Garden Update 10th February 2018

The big chill has meant I’m not too keen to get many things started in the garden so far this year. A big job for the year is going to be replanting the far garden but I’m holding fire until the soil warms a bit. Most of my pottering this week, therefore, has been in the greenhouse.

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Greenhouse Update

I have started off some hardier seeds that came from the Hardy Plant Society and these are outside the greenhouse getting a bit of cold and wet treatment which apparently will improve germination once the weather heats up.

It’s also time to move on some cuttings and divisions I made at the end of last year. These Teucrium lucidrys, also known as hedge germanders, have rooted well. They’re now in their own little spaces to grow on some more.

As I was clearing out one of the borders in the far garden I came across my Stipa gigantea. I was lifting anything salvageable and clearing away the roots of bindweed. This was split into small divisions and they’ve now produced enough root to warrant giving them some more space. So far no sign of any bindweed.

If you take a look at the end of my 2017 Seed Sowing Spreadsheet (now updated with a 2018 tab) you’ll see a bunch of Chiltern Seed sowings of some prairie perennials. Some of these need to move out of the tiny plug trays if they’re ever going to thrive. They’re still tiny so I hope they can fill the space.

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Potted on seedlings of Echinacea paradoxa, Rudbeckia maxima and Digitalis mertonensis

Once I’m back from a little holiday I’ll get started on the Tomatoes and some Chillies when I’m around to keep an eye on them better.

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