Containers at the front of the Cottage

Containers at the front of the Cottage

Two agricultural feeding containers are the main planting interest at the front of the cottage

This year is all about reclaiming my garden from the weed wonderland out the back and the barren, baked wasteland at the front. As I’ve previously described, I have been taking stock of what has survived two years of tenants and reclaiming ground from the onslaught of new weeds. This week I am doing an update on the front of the cottage.

An overview of the cottage’s garden areas

A big clear-out in the far garden

Getting control and structure sorted in the immediate garden

What I returned home to

MyPottingBenchBlog returns home
Looking up the lane

As there is no earth at the front of the cottage, I installed two agricultural feeding troughs to be a simple but vernacularly correct addition to the front of the cottage. These get baked in the sun and have to cope with more breeze than round the back of the cottage. There’s a suffering clematis left over from the previous owners in a planter that looks to have given up the struggle.

MyPottingBenchBlog returns home
Right of the front door

We returned to find that the young wisteria has succumbed and some annual weeds were installed. Mostly though this area was the best of the bunch in terms of jobs to be done.

Giving the containers a freshen up

The goal for these planters was to have a slightly wild grass planting scheme which would cope, or even better, thrive in the drier and windier conditions. They would also look good through winter and wouldn’t need too much maintenance. The two main living areas of the house look out of these windows on to the lane, and by extension, can be looked in on from the lane. I wanted the planters to be sufficiently visually interesting to draw the eye away from whatever was happening inside the house and to form a light screening for us looking out. Importantly, I didn’t want to block any light.

Containers at the front of the Cottage
A teucrium in a terracotta pot beside one container
Containers at the front of the Cottage
Hebe, iris and grasses
Containers at the front of the Cottage
Salvia and stipa

Plant List

Stipa tenuissima

Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foester’

Salvia x sylvestris ‘Rose Queen’

Hebe (unknown variety)

Euphorbia myrsinites

Rose ‘Moody ¬†Blue’

Teucrium (unknown variety)

Iris (unknown variety)

Physalis alkekengi

Plans for the front of the cottage

I’m going to source a climbing rose to replace the clematis. I think the pot it’s in is too small. The roots are getting too hot and dry for it to ever thrive. We’re still deciding on a colour (and may paint the cottage a different colour so that has to be decided before I can purchase anything). I think we’ll get another metal planter to match the two large ones as I think a third type of container would be too much visually.

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    1. Thanks gardeninacity – I thought so too! They’re also much cheaper and will last much longer than equivalent-sized planters sold through the normal companies.

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