Finally sowing and some sorting 

Finally sowing and some sorting 

I’ve had a busy first week back in the UK with lots of friends and family to see (although there’s plenty of people still on our catch up list we haven’t gotten to yet). However, today has been quieter so I’ve had time to get round to some gardening.

This morning was spent measuring and negotiating with mum over the layout of the raised beds for her courtyard. We’ve settled on wooden sleepers (possibly) and have made some decisions on curves/square and how wide to make them.

This afternoon I went through my much-neglected seed tin and rehomed the contents. Since we’re getting our home back at the beginning of June I need to get a head start on some sowing (even though I’m behind but you know what I mean).

Finally sowing and some sorting 
Seeds not being sown today in their new fancy tin

Some things are going to be used as Microgreens as I don’t have space for a full crop and I don’t think the seeds will last another year as a lot of them are already passed their best. I’m sowing some veg I can transplant into my greenhouse when we move but will be fine in pots in the meantime.

Seed sowing list 11/4/17

To take with us;

Chilli – Cayenne Red, Anaheim, Portugal, Fairy Lights (15x seeds each – Portugal and Fairy Lights were saved from my own plants that were part of my Chilli Challenge in 2014)

Sweet Pepper – Long Red Marconi x15

Cucumber – Tasty King (7 seeds) and Tasty Green (9 seeds)

Tomato – Marmande (15 seeds)

To eat over the next month or two;

Pea Shoots

Microgreens – beetroot, dill, parsley

Basil – Sweet Genovese

Wild Rocket

Lettuce – mixed

For mums courtyard 

Astrantia ‘white’ – self-saved seeds from my white astrantia in my own courtyard garden ( I’m not sure if this is sterile so we’ll see how germination goes)

Finally sowing and some sorting 
The chillies, tomatoes and peppers snuggled into the propagator

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