Box Balls

Unclipped Box Balls

Seasonal tasks like clipping Box Balls give the garden year some rhythm

It’s time to prune my box balls. These are a really strong feature of our garden where they provide winter structure and a rhythm that bounces through the borders and between the two main areas. I cannot take any credit for them as they were here when we arrived for which I am very grateful. This is the first proper trim they’ve had since we moved in.

Using the right tools

I was given some sheep shears for Christmas last year and they’ve waited patiently in the shed for when the time is right. It’s quite a shame to have to prune the balls as I’m quite fond of them in their shaggy state. They remind me of a furry pet but even fluffy dogs get trimmed now and again.

Box Balls create a strong design element in a border

The rest of the borders are frothy and disorganised and the shaggy box balls look like they’ve been joining in the fun of the rest of the crowd. However peer pressure has led these plants astray and they now look like a policeman caught dancing at a music festival. It’s time they got back to work. After their haircuts they once again look like responsible citizens; keeping order in the beds whilst the party goes on around them.

Box Balls after being clipped into a sphere
Box Balls after being clipped into a sphere

My Box balls are nowhere near perfect spheres, but I have neither the skill nor the time to turn them into such. As it is I am rather pleased with my Box dumplings.


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