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The simplest routines are a good place to start


This weekend has been spent tidying up the potting shed. I’ve cleaned, sharpened and oiled my lovely Felco secateurs and feeling very up to date. I’m looking around for my gold star from teacher.

Having watched Monty last week cleaning off his plant labels I was inspired to give it a go. I’ve tried washing them but not with much success. I switched to writing on them with a pencil years ago but always find the rubber not quite up to the job of cleaning them up – rubbing away to nothing and the writing still staring at me. However, seeing Monty steel-wool it all away gave me hope. I did have to traipse around a well known garden/building store and eventually found some (they didn’t have an oilstone however).


Starting the year with freshly cleaned plant labels
Cleaned plant labels

It’s quite a cathartic process systematically clearing away years of work. It’s also nice to reminisce as you catch sight of plants and seeds that you’ve sown over the years. Of course there’s a few false starts in the box; I can’t seem to get Orlaya to thrive!

More important are the successes; there’s the ceanothus that I grew from seeds collected from the huge specimen at the bottom of our garden in London. That was the first house I shared with my fiancée when we met 10 years ago. Those seeds have flowered for the first time this year – the year we finally got engaged. There’s a label for the Hellebore that I cross-bred myself when we lived on the Isle of Wight. I can still remember the excitement as I saw that first flower open after 3 years of care. It was definitely worth the hassle of it moving house with us.

In a way I’m quite sad to be saying goodbye to those past moments but as I look at my pile of freshly cleaned labels all I can think about is the excitement of what memories we have yet to grow.

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    1. Our flagship gardening programme on the BBC “Gardeners’ World” featured it a couple of weeks ago inspired me. I took advantage of a rare day off alone at home; my fiancée was off trying on wedding dresses.

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