10 Christmas gifts for gardeners


10 Christmas gifts for gardeners (that we really want)

Every year I’m asked to produce a Christmas list to be distributed around the family. Now you would think this was a nice easy task. Unfortunately, when I’m done listing all the things I’d like to get I’m left feeling a little sad as I know I’ll never get any of these things. It’s not that I don’t have a lovely and generous family, I do, but that my ideas for wonderful and useful gifts not match their’s. I’m constantly being told “that’s not a real present!”. So here is my top 10 Christmas gifts for gardeners (that we really want)

Please don’t spoil me

I really would appreciate some good, warm socks! Practical is no longer considered enough. I’d rather have a new ball of string over a novelty gnome any day. As a breed, us gardeners are a blend of thrift and practicality. So, for all those practical, sensible and disappointed gardeners out there, here’s my list of truly wonderful festive gifts.

Here’s the top 10 most useful and wanted gifts for the gardener in your life

1. String
2. Topiary shears
3. Reclamation windows to make into a cold frame
4. Labels
5. Bulk bags of compost / topsoil / horse manure / grit
6. Fingerless gloves
7. Chop sticks (the only pricking out tool worth having)
8. Brown paper bags (for seed collecting)
9. Little “wage-slip” envelopes (for seed storage)
10. An outdoor radio (I know this doesn’t fit with the thrift approach but it is Christmas)

Happy shopping!

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